What To Expect From This Report?

  • The report represents 80+ legal professionals and measures the scope, structure, and impact of innovation initiatives in legal departments.
  • It focuses on their strategic priorities: using technology to manage workflows and solve pain points and collaborating with external legal service providers to deliver value.

The Canadian Legal Innovation Forum published its first annual "Legal Department Innovation" report, focused on measuring innovation in Canadian Legal Departments.

The report, released on July 13th, is free to download and provides key insights on the future of legal technology and innovation.

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The Canadian Legal Innovation Forum was founded in 2018. It focuses on how the intersection of business and law continues to evolve in Canada and beyond.

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About Athennian

Athennian's cloud-based technology enables legal teams to implement legal entity governance with ease, through automated filings for annual reports, amendments, formations, and more, all without leaving Athennian.